Sunday, August 10, 2008

Requiem for Chef

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes, 1942-2008.

Since he was such a bad mutha- (shut your blog), I'll refrain from making any cracks about Xenu and just say that the Shaft soundtrack is a funk masterpiece and he was hilarious in "South Park."


Dave Bessom said...

Let us not forget the esteemed Bernie Mac, as well. I didn't think 50-year-old men died from pneumonia anymore. I was wrong.

Favorite BM quote: "Whatchu want me ta do? Want me ta shine yer shoes? Want me to SMILE atcha?" from 'Ocean's Eleven'

Micah said...

Pssst...check two posts down.

But it was weird that they passed away on the same weekend, especially since they worked on the same upcoming Sam Jackson film. Watch out, Mace Windu!

jasdye said...


i'm gone from my country for two weeks (add another week where i'm virtually computer-free) and isaac hayes ups and dies on me?

that's a bad muther...