Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The world according to gorp 2.0

Last night I mixed up my second batch of Uncle Micah's Old Fashioned Good Time Non-Hippie Trail Mix. This time I took some of your suggestions: I swapped the smoked almonds with cinnamon brown sugar ones and replaced the milk chocolate chips with Ghirardelli 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips. I also doubled the amount of peanuts from last time.



Anonymous said...

Are those dried cranberries? I like dried cherries better. Have you tried those? I think they are probably more expensive, though.

Micah said...

They're dried mixed berries, but I don't think cranberries are among them. It definitely includes Blueberries and I think cherries. You'd think I'd read the package.

As for your cinnamon brown sugar almond suggestion...excellent. I swear, I could just put those in a bowl, add milk and eat them as cereal.

Anonymous said...

It probably didn't improve the nutritional value of the mix, but yum yum!

Micah said...

Once I added the chocolate and peanut butter chips, any pretense of this being a "healthy" trail mix went out the window.

I might as well add gummy bears, Pop Rocks, and baclava.