Friday, September 26, 2008

Requisites: Autumn Miscellany

And now we come to the end of Autumn Week here on the ol' bliggity blog. The following will only serve to enhance your enjoyment of this greatest of seasons. You'll note that I did not include college football on this list and that is simply because of its obviousness (there's no fall without college football and vice versa*). So, without further ado:

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown & A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving These are two of the best holiday specials ever, chock full of childhood innocence and wise truths ("Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker"). Honestly, the fall holidays are woefully incomplete without at least one viewing of each of them.

Pipes Now, I smoke my pipe all year long, but my brother-in-law sees the briar as more of an autumn pleasure. I can see that, as they definitely keep your hands warm. My favorite blend this time of year is Vermont Maple Cavendish from Pipeworks & Wilke.

Grilled cheese & tomato soup Also known as Nature's Most Perfect Comfort Food. For maximum enjoyment, consume on days that are rainy and gray.

Hoodies When I'm away from the workplace, you can bet that I'll be sporting a hoodie from my extensive collection. They are part of the Simplest Ensemble Ever (t-shirt, pants, hoodie) and serve a useful yet stylish purpose during the transition from late summer to when the weather requires a jacket.

Scary movies I fully admit that I'm a wuss when it comes to horror movies, but I still think October rivals Christmas for the year's best time for TV. So many scary movies, so little time.

Pumpkin pie On the Pie Awesomeness Scale, pumpkin is on equal footing with key lime. Given the time of year, though, the edge goes to the gourd.

Driving caps Yep, autumn is when I'm at my most stylin'. Unfortunately, I don't own a Bentley, but when I wear one of these I add an air of Old World class to my Jetta.

Baseball playoffs/World Series Sure, the regular season games are nice, but they often seem meaningless. The post-season is where it matters. Go big or go home. Luckily, neither of my teams are contenders (the Nats and the O's), so there's not much of a chance of me getting heart palpitations. And, really, by supporting these two teams, I have virtually no chance of developing a baseball-related health condition for many, many years to come.

Fireplaces They are the very definition of "cozy." During weekends in the fall, my house has it running full-time. Don't have a fireplace? Your remedy is here.

Tweed, dark plaid, and houndstooth Autumn is when my inner prep is fully unleashed. When not donning hoodies, clothing with these patterns are what I turn to.

*I learned that fancy term from Judge Reinhold.


Anonymous said...

call me a purist, but wax and parafin logs do not a fire make. you should get jan to get a cord of wood delivered this year and do it right. if it doesnt pop and leave holes in the carpet in front of the hearth, its not a fire.

but even a wax and paper log is light years more authentic than...than... a GAS fireplace.

another great post. this was the best micahworld week in ages.

SBN1 said...

I'm with the CW;

gas fireplace = lame