Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cuckoo for podcasts

Lately I've been passing the time at work by listening to various podcasts. This was spurred on by my obtaining an iPod (yes, I know you don't need one to listen to podcasts, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to get the damn things). I've found some great ones. And I've found some downright terrible ones. Currently in my rotation:
  • "Cinecast": Two film enthusiasts (read: geeks) from Chicago provide their analysis of movies past and present. Pretty interesting stuff. I also get their "Cinecast AV" video podcast, in which they give their Overlooked DVD Picks of the Week.
  • "Distorted View Daily": Local boy (Columbus, OH) does good. This show can be pretty obnoxious and gross, but damn funny.
  • "Tiki Bar TV": This video podcast humorously gives you a mixed drink recipe in each episode. Featuring this week's Crush (and THSE's Crush of the Year) Lala.
  • "Vegas in 5" and "The Vegas Minute" (video): Put out by the fine folks at, these podcasts let me know what's the haps in Sin City. Brandi Williams makes me glad that I got a video iPod.
  • "FOXCAST: Family Guy": The people behind the show provide a commentary for the week's episode.
  • "Ebert & Roeper": Because I can never remember when this show is on TV.
  • "Meet the Press": In theory, I can sleep in a little longer on Sundays now. But I probably won't.
  • "WhiskyCast": All about scotch and bourbon. Thanks to this show I found out that I've been mispronouncing "Glenmorangie" and "Glenfiddich" when I've been ordering them. Now I feel like an idiot.
  • "Martini Shot": A veteran TV writer gives funny essays on Hollywood life.
  • "Free Talk Live": I just found this libertarian call-in talk show last night. They say that they talk about everything from politics to personal stuff, but in the show that I listened to they pretty much only talked about the War on Drugs.

Now I turn to you, dear readers, for suggestions for interesting podcasts. What I'd really like to find is one that caters to the tin foil hat crowd (conspiracy theorists and paranormal buffs). Art Bell's radio show is on way too late for me to listen to regularly and he charges for his podcasts, so I'd like to find a free alternative. But I'm open to anything you find.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so how does one pronounce Glenfidditch and...whatever the other weird one was?

Kate The Great said...

You know that 'podcast' was declared Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Dictionary, right?

Or are you just brilliantly omniscient?

Kate The Great said...

Oh and glennfiddick, right?

I remember that from my cocktail ho days.

Micah said...

KtG - Yes, I'd heard that about the NOAD. So, I guess i'm brilliantly omniscient. While we're throwing out made-up words, I'm also scrumtrulescent, cromulent, and a festizio.

Yep, it's "glen-fid-ick" whereas I've been using an "itch" at the end. D'oh! As for "Glenmorangie" - that's "glen-morange-ee." I've been referring to it as "glen-morang-ee." I felt like one of my college roommates, who once called our libations "cog-nac." We all know it's pronounced "co-ga-nak."

One great thing about the WhiskyCast is that they recently did an episode live from Monk's in Philadelphia where some year end bests were announced. Best under $30 is the Dalmore 12 year old. Since I'm on a budget, I now know where to turn when I next go to the liquor store - this afternoon. It's to stock up for tomorrow's party. Yeah, that's it.

THSE - See above.

Kate The Great said...

scrumtrulescent, cromulent, and a festizio?

Any definitions?

Micah said...