Friday, December 09, 2005

Finally a show to fill the "Friends" void

Al Sharpton will soon be filming "Al in the Family" - a sitcom pilot for CBS. Funny how our "Sharpton-in-Disney-films" jokes in college ten years ago weren't all that far off. I wonder if the copy of his out of print biography that I bought way back when will be worth anything. One day I'll get around to reading it.

As for his sitcom - eh. I'll stick with "Mmmm-hmmm" (Fridays on UPN!).


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love "Mmmm Hmmmm." Especially when that one chick says "Mmmmm mmmmm."

jasdye said...

are you serious? there's a show called mmmmm Hmmmm? and i haven't seen it?

of course, we all know that Fridays on Upn is primal prime time, baby!!

Micah said...

It was actually a throw-away gag on a recent "Family Guy": a TV announcer says something like "stay tuned for an episode of "Mmmm-hmmmm"' and it cuts to three African-American women sitting around a table, just saying "mmmmmm-hmmmmm" and "mmmm-mmmm."

Fridays: where shows go to die.

Anonymous said...

Seriously now, Micah, is there REALLY going to be a sitcom starring Al Sharpton? If so, I'll have to cancel all other Friday night plans to watch. I can't wait for the episode where Al frames Carl (played by Reginald velJohnson) for rape or incites someone to firebomb Schwartzberg's FahionMart and then shrugs, smiles, and says, "Did I do that?"

Micah said...

Don't forget the medallions and jump suits. Oh, the sweet, sweet medallions and jump suits.

I look forward to the episode with Rev. Jesse Jackson guest starring, where Al mistakenly gets on a subway car that is a non-stop express to "Hymietown." Hijinks ensue. Lessons are learned.

And, yes, this is a reality. Click the link. It's just a pilot, though, so it may never see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

If we start a campaign to get everyone to watch the pilot, the Nielsen ratings will go through the roof, and they'll be forced to shoot a whole season...which will end precipitously when a Sharpton acolyte is compelled by Al's fiery rhetoric to burn down the Jewish producers' homes.

Incidentally, R.I.P. Richard Pryor, no Al Sharpton, he.

Micah said...

Richard Pryor - is he the guy that wears those crazy sweaters?