Thursday, December 01, 2005

A shared philosophy

"Television is supposed to connect me with things that I don't see everyday, like hot chicks or extraterrestrials." - Avid MW reader/commenter THSE on turning on his TV and unexepectedly seeing "The Biggest Loser"


Micah said...

You just have to fellate me. Bet you want to come to the Christmas cocktail party now, huh?

And I must recommend THSE's blog on MySpace (where I snagged the quote from). Funny and insightful. He likes to keep things on the downlow, so I'll let him post a link to it.

jasdye said...

wait, i'm confused. doesn't 'the biggest loser' offer both options? or was i thinking 'nanny 911'?

Micah said...

Maybe you're thinking of "The Super Happy Alien and Babe Lucky Fun Hour." It's from Japan.

jasdye said...

yeah, the eastern asian shows we get in chicago aren't nearly as fun as that poppin' retail space of tv happy-fun.

"You see, American shows reward correct answers and luck. In Japan, we punish stupidity."

Kate The Great said...

So wait. Who's fellating? The Biggest Losers?

Don't know about that one.