Sunday, December 18, 2005

Where is my mind?

No, I didn't blow away my alter ego while the world around me tumbled like at the end of Fight Club (belated spoiler alert!). I'm still here - just preoccupied:

Going to a couple of winter solstice parties.

Stocking up on munitions.

Getting Christmas cards out.

Resuming the insatiable need to put more and more music on My Precious (read: my iPod).

Plowing through the backlog of programming saved on my DVR so it won't be stuffed to the rafters when I return from holiday.

Also, I haven't had anything really of note to report or comment on. Maybe I'll find something to post about while I upload pictures to Imagestation and watch The Lord of the Rings on TV*.

*Okay, add this trilogy to the Ocean's Eleven List (movies I'll watch whenever broadcast even though I own much superior editions on DVD). Sub-par picture and audio quality? Edited for time, content, and advertising? Improper aspect ratio? Yep, but I'm too lazy to actually get up and put the damn movie in.


spydrz said...

Munitions? I've got some .380s if you need any.

Micah said...

I used it in the Henry Rollins sense: food, supplies, etc.