Monday, December 05, 2005

Yet another reason why I'll be sending my kids to private school

Allis Elementary School in Madison gave an assignment to its 3rd graders: write 12 letters to other students, Wisconsin's U.S. senators and representatives, President Bush, and the secretary-general of the United Nations encouraging them to end the war in Iraq.

Regardless of your stance on the war, you've got to realize that this is really upsetting. Anti-war, pro-war, whatever - a teacher's role is not to indoctrinate. Politics should be left out of the classroom, especially in regards to teaching young children. Luckily, the assignment was rescinded.


spydrz said...

That's why those stupid teacher's unions are evil. Why do government employees need unions anyway? Home schooling is it.

Law Fairy said...

I'm actually kind of disappointed that they told the kids not to go ahead with it. Someone they quoted in the article said they're supposed to teach the kids "facts."

I find that really interesting, since public school is all about indoctrination anyway. Why bother keeping up the charade? Just keep telling the kids they're descended from apes, teach them how to have sex before they've hit puberty, and don't let them pray or celebrate any religious holidays. Anti-war letters fit right in. I miss anything?

Anonymous said...

They should also encourage students to unionize ("Sorry, teacher, I can't do macaroni art...that's Billy's job.").

jasdye said...

hey, watch the teacher-bashing! (i'd insert a joke here, but i already tried.)

yes, there is a plethora of indoctrination going on. but, honestly, that's inescapable. that'll happen in homeschool, private, parochial and public. i think it's just extremely pivotal to know what your children are being taught and hold their teachers to certain standards.

Micah said...

spydrz - But then they turn out like Phil & Amanda. Ewwwwww!

law fairy - Good point. Now that you're a lawyer, I think a civil action is in order.

dubin - If the kids unionized, they'd get about 20 minutes of lessons and the rest of the day would be comprised of mandatory breaks. Hmmmm...actually that doesn't sound too bad.

jasdye - True, while it may be human nature to indoctrinate, it should be kept to an absolute minimum in the classroom. A flippant remark here or there, I could understand. But an assignment like the one in the Wisconsin story is beyond unbelievable. It boggles the mind how that could get cleared and thought of as a good idea. Maybe I'm just an idealist.

I've read about this story elsewhere and I have to snicker to myself when I read people comment justifying that it is important to instill a sense of social responisibility in these 3rd graders. I bet those are the same people I see on the road driving their beat-up 1992 Escorts with 25 bumper stickers of varying inane slogans plastered on the back.

And just like how some of my best friends are black, my brother is a teacher and brother-in-law's a vice principal. :)

jasdye said...

then they should know that you don't nec need clearance to do an assignment like that.