Sunday, December 04, 2005

Now that's my kind of race

Today is the New Las Vegas Marathon:

Muhammad Ali is scheduled to join local dignitaries at the starting line on the Las Vegas Strip. And organizers promise at least 40 running Elvises, up to 26 couples married at a runthrough wedding chapel, dozens of showgirls, Santa Claus and 16 venues with live entertainment to help keep runners' legs moving for 26.2 fast, flat miles back to the casinos.

That's one way to lively up this sport. Interesting that they are closing the Strip, but Sunday morning's not really a peak traffic time there since everyone's in church.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but given that churches in Vegas are drive-thrus, should Sunday be the busiest traffic time there?

Micah said...

You'd think, but from my observations, the people there really love going to church. They stay there for hours at a time. Oh, wait - those were casinos.

jasdye said...

just a different type of church altogether.