Monday, October 09, 2006

Man, I need to start reading The Onion again

For some reason, it's been quite a while since I last went to The Onion* - one of my favorite sites. Today I ventured there and laughed my ass off. Yeah, there's the usual funny articles ("Proud Cystic-Fibrosis Foundation Doesn't Need Your Charity"), but one in particular had me howling: "Retired S1Ws Recalled To Active Duty". Hilarious. A choice passage:

"I got a letter from the P.E. the other day," said James Bomb, 46, also a former S1W. "I opened it, and read it, and said they were suckers. They want me for their army or whatever? Picture me giving a damn - I said 'Never.'"

They even managed to work in my favorite PE phrase: cold lampin'. Sure, the article requires some knowledge of Public Enemy to truly get the humor. Luckily, I have that.

*I am, however, an avid listener of The Onion Radio News podcast. Excellent stuff.


spydrz said...

I don't know the military designation "S1W."

Micah said...

Security of the First World. They were the militant guys standing around the stage.

Anonymous said...

Micah, I've been cold lampin' with flava' lo these many years, boy-eeeeee.

jasdye said...

"We can't wait by for 911. That would be a joke."

Yeah, they ran every Public Enemy reference i know, and then some.

Micah said...

Therein lies the humour.