Saturday, October 14, 2006

This post is for Dubin

Lots o' Buckeyes

Should be exciting (after all, MSU has spoiled things in the past).


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of red. Kind of like what the stands at Spartan Stadium looked like. To their credit, MSU fans broke out the paper bags...if you're gonna suck, you might as well go all out. All I can ask is that the Buckeyes beat Michigan.

In other news, the MSU Marching Band trombone section will be starting as the offensive line next week.

And speaking of changing the 'bout them Spiders?! 5-1. Jim Marshall's career is rolling over in its grave.

P.S.--Ohio State may be ranked #1, but in my heart, the state of Ohio is still ranked #50.

spydrz said...

Yep, UR's 5-1 but the stupid Dukes beat UNH...and we play them for Homecoming. Stupid purple-and-gold uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Who knows? Maybe the gravel from the parking lots around fancy UR Satdium will get in the JMU players' eyes and distract them.

Micah--with Florida losing and USC not looking very pretty, your precious Buckeyes better take care of You-Know-Who on 11/18!

Micah said...

Boy, that wasn't pretty at all. During the 3rd quarter, the ABC affiliate here in Richmond cut away to the Texas A&M game and never came back. Admittedly, that one was more exciting, but I was still pissed.

Watching just MSU's first couple of possessions I was reminded of the time Homer Simpson said his dream was to coach the Dallas Cowboys and, as a start, Hank Scorpio buys him the Denver Broncos. And they suck. Where was I going with this story? I like stories.

Michigan's going to be TOUGH. I'll have to hit up Sam's Club beforehand and buy a case of Pepto.

Richmond's come a long way, baby. They must've been smoking their Virginia Slims.

Micah said...

And it ain't red, it's scarlet.

Anonymous said...

I got the point of the story. Perhaps John L. Smith can get Hank Scorpio to buy him a spaceship to take him to a distant galaxy (not so much because he deserves to be banished as because he probably wants to spontaneously combust or otherwise disappear).

And sure, it's "scarlet" not "red"...just like You-Know-Who's colors are blue and "maize" (not "yellow"). I suppose MSU is "lush spring meadow green" and white, as well.

Get over yourself. I know what scarlet looks like, and those uniforms are red (perhaps that's a testament to the Ohio public education system...and they probably think the football field is shaped like a triangle).

Micah said...

I'll have you know, sir, that I am a product of Virginia's public education system. But Ohio taught me squat about law, apparently.

And the field may be rectangular, but the stadium's shaped like a horseshoe. Isn't yours?

Here's hoping to MSU getting into a bowl game (*raises bottle of Red Stripe*)

Anonymous said...

Boo Spartans! Hooray beer!

Anonymous said...

Our stadium is shaped like...a stadium. And it seats a lot less people than the Horseshoe, or the Big House. And it doesn't have a fancy name.