Thursday, October 19, 2006

Office chatter

Tonight's episode of "The Office": "Initiation"

Dwight takes Ryan out for his first sales call and gives him a series of challenges along the way.



Law Fairy said...


spydrz said...

We never had pretzels at my office park.

Of course the ice cream man would show up from time to time.

Micah said...

Only 364 more days until the next Pretzel Day.

jasdye said...

see? michael and pam! told ya!

in other news:
'Every day I get up from my bed that's too small for me. I drop my daughter off in a school that's too expensive. I go to a job that I don't care about to make a check that's too small.

'But every year, for one day, it's pretzel day. And everything is worth it.'

Micah said...

Stanley's awesome.

jasdye said...

i'm glad they have such a good, well-rounded cast. otherwise, i would've lost interest awhile ago. y'know, not ever being the office type.

Micah said...

True, much of the humor is derived from being able to relate to and recognize the office archetypes.

Still, even without that, it's a damn funny show.