Thursday, October 12, 2006

We can smell our own

Just because I, too, am desperate, doesn't mean I'm like this guy. Even though I have little game, I hope it is better than his.

And since I'm in a YouTube mood: the stoned professor


Anonymous said...

I can't look down on this man, since he was brave (or more likely, clueless enough) to put himself out there like that. If his standards aren't ridiculous, there's hope for him yet. Especially if he's willing to change or distort his geeky nature long enough to get in the dugout.

Personally, I detest the whole internet dating, speed dating, etc. scene. Not so much because I feel it's exploiting lonely people, but because I didn't think of it first. I could get soooo much tail if my pockets were flush with internet cash (or any cash at all really.)

Hasselback said...

Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT let it out that you watch anime prior to the first date. That's strictly a "post-coital, she's asking me about my biggest secret" type of admission.

Now every time I feel a little nerdy, I'm going to watch that guy. Sheesh. He is a dork and I am his king...

jasdye said...

Boston's a great city. A GREAT city!

jasdye said...

further, on the matter of the drunk prof.,


i can't get my students to stay this quiet for anything. that's it, i'm going to teach in a university! gimme eight-to-ten years and a bit of tenure under my belt.

Micah said...

THSE - Heh heh, you said "dugout". Anyway, here's what you need to do: 1) buy a sports almanac, 2) go back in time, 3) bet on the winning teams. Simple.

George - Seriously, anime's not my thing. But should I avoid bringing up my "Simpsons" obssession over coffee? Are casual "Futurama" references verboten?

jasdye - But you teach middle school, right? Those suckers won't sit still for anything, especially learning.

Here's another professor clip. Maybe you should eat the brownies he eats before teaching.

jasdye said...

high school, but freshman and sophomores so far. this year (the same kids, but their sophomore year), they've been a bit less restless, just a bit.

soon, i'll get a chance to teach seniors. they don't move at all.

Micah said...

Being a college professor is where it's at, I'm sure.