Monday, August 06, 2007

New blogs. New design?

I've updated my blogroll to include blogs by musicians Lloyd Cole and Gerald Collier, as well as the Relevant Magazine blogs. I still need to do my periodic sweep of outdated and non-reciprocally linked blogs. If you want to be listed on the ol' blogroll, let me know.

Also, I'm getting kind of bored with my site's design. I found its free template online a couple of years ago, but am thinking about going the custom-made route this time. Any ideas?


Maggie Moo said...

Well Micah, I've been reading you and have had you linked for a couple of years now, though I don't comment since you asked, yeah-I'd like to be linked please!

And I'd like to see your blog go a little funkier. I am not sure what that means, but you need more funk.

Micah said...

Done. Thanks for reading.

Funky, huh? Does that involve me getting dressed up like Bootsy Collins? I'll get right on that.

Maggie Moo said...

To be honest, you're so darn cute that it might just work!


Thanks for the linkage.

jasdye said...

Bootsie Collins, James Brown, Prince, Al B. Shure or maybe the beggar in front of the Post Office. one of those should work.

in my own desperate plea for attention, please keep me. i promise to make more blog.

Micah said...

Mags - Aw, thanks.

jasdye - I could cut a new dad loose. That'd be cruel. Unless you start finding relevance and humor in "The Family Circus". Then you're outta here.

jasdye said...

i suppose you meant: I couldn't cut a new dad loose.

yeah, HaHa, who would dream of doing that? o yeah, my boss... (cue violins)

i will merely tell poop stories from here on out.

Micah said...

"Who mistyped this blog comment?"

"Not me."

(That's a "Family Circus" reference. And it is not funny.)

jasdye said...

i'll have satellite photos with squiggly lines showing me chasing after the baby and making hilarious messes along the way.

but back to the poop jokes:
"this one time at dad camp..."

Micah said...

...which reminds me: Are you going to see Daddy Day Camp?