Thursday, August 16, 2007

And now I'm on some government watchlist

Well, an era has come to an end: my law school parking permit sticker was curling and had to be removed. Sigh. I guess it was about time, as it expired August 15, 2004. Plus, all of the numbers faded long ago.

But I quickly replaced it with a Gadsden flag. Is it a warning to other nations or our own government? You decide.

In other "era" news, the old lamp in the room that I crash in at spydrz's house was a piece of junk, so I brought my old halogen "Hellfire" torchlight out of retirement. Now when I'm in the room, I'm reliving my sepia-toned college years. I just hope the R.A. doesn't write me up.


spydrz said...

Move those dried roses from above the 300 Watt halogen lamp bulb!!!

Micah said...