Monday, August 20, 2007

Stone Cold Steve Austin checks it daily

As proof that there's a site for everything, I present to you, a little nook of the internet dedicated to people wearing jean shorts.

Credit due: the Relevant Magazine podcast


jasdye said...

yeah, i don't know WHY i waited til you linked it to check it out. and now there's some kind of blockage on the site. gnuts!

are you gonna try the mustache club? i have to shave (interviews. plus i wanna kiss the baby and i can't kiss her with my big ol' hairy-a**'d face). but if i didn't.

jasdye said...

that should read, "but if i didn't..."

Micah said...

I had actually considered joining the Relvant Gentlemen's Society, except that:

a) I've tried the mustache and it looks TERRIBLE on me. Seriously, really bad.
b) I'm transferring to a different department at work next week, and those people don't know me. First impressions, you know.
c) I want to be clean shaven for the Tony Bennett concert this weekend.
d) Possible job interviews in the future.

But if I was a twentysomething Christian hipster working at a slacker job, then I'd be all over it. :)

I did e-mail them that "Know Your Mustache" chart that I posted here a few months back.

jasdye said...

o, to be a twenty something Christian hipster again for the first time. of course, i would need a Delorean and some bit of hipness.

young kids these days...