Sunday, August 05, 2007

No time for Lego love, Dr. Jones

"I hate Lego snakes."

Just in time for the fourth Indiana Jones movie (!), comes news of the release of a "Lego Indiana Jones: The Game". Personally, I find this news to be awesome (but not in regards to my productivity). I've enjoyed the two "Lego Star Wars" games immensely. They were a whole lot of fun, pretty witty, and at my preferred level of difficulty*. I would expect this game to share all of the qualities. Watch out whoever employs me in 2008: I'm calling in sick for a week or so.

Watch the trailer here.

*That'd be "not difficult".


jasdye said...

video games, legos, easef play and lucas series from the 70s & 80s? include me in.

here's to hoping we don't see a Lego Willow.

Micah said...

How about Lego American Graffiti?

jasdye said...

Lego THX?

maybe a Lego Howard the Duck?

Micah said...

NOBODY'S asking for a Lego Howard the Duck video game.