Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not just a pretty face.

Speaking as a U.S. American, I'm all for alleviating our country's map crisis.


jasdye said...

what a genius! is that the miss teen US American contestant i've only briefly seen mentioned? holy schniekees, talk about reviving your dumb blond jokes.

South Africa? where did that come from?

and was that slater from saved by the bell laughing his butt off?

Micah said...

Yep, that's Miss Teen South Carolina and A.C. Slater. This video's been making the rounds - she even appeared on the Today Show afterwards.

She'll likely end up in a reality show of some sort soon enough, to be followed by a career in porn when she can't find any legitimate acting jobs.

Wooly Rupert said...

You know what...the girl is from South Carolina, we should be thrilled she even knows what a damn globe IS. I'm all for belittling attractive people, but this is seriously a fish in a barrel situation. For shame.

jasdye said...


careful, that might be how she gets dinner.

Micah said...

Sound's like someone's got a schoolboy crush... :)