Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crush of the Week: Kat Von D

This week's Crush is tattoo artist Kat Von D. Honestly, I don't know much about her except that she's going to be in a show called "L.A. Ink". I've only seen her in some magazine ads, though.

Actually, I don't go for excessive tattoos on women*, but there's something about her. I think it's the pin-up style of the ads that gets me. Plus, I kind of dig "freaky" women every now and then, like my beloved Byrd Theatre Chix (a tiny bit freaky + vintage dresses = NICE).

*What're they going to look like when they are 80?


Anonymous said...

what're they going to look like when they are 80?

who cares? we won't be around then. Freaky, body-mod broads are, to quote Tom Petty, "alright for now."

Micah said...

Yeah, she is the epitome of living in the now, but I always keep an eye to the future. Call me a sappy romantic. Or gay.

BTW, she reminds me of the woman who gave me my tattoo...only less butch.

Anonymous said...

I shall call you ghey.

I keep an eye to the future as well...and thus heavily tattooed broads are pre-assigned to "short-term" status. Long term projection/forecasting is immediately cast aside for full maximization of present value.

your internal man-computer should have the same innate ability...but you've probably willfully corrupted it with chick propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I blame the mind-clouding effect of all those daiquiris and mai-tais.

Anonymous said...

i love kat von d, she's on a show called miami ink too and she's so sweet :)

Hasselback said...

There is none hotter...anywhere.

God, I loves me some freaky tattooed women.

Currently sort of seeing one. The punchline is that she's Jewish. Worst, Jew, EVER. ;)

Micah said...

Reg - Guess I'm in need for a reboot. Get thee to a titty bar, post haste!

dubin - I think that I'm entitled to a large cash settlement from Messers Bartles and James.

Stacey - Having never seen her show, I'll have to take your word in regards to her sweetness. But I plan on checking out her show(s) sometime.

George - A Jewish war bride? I thought that you were stationed in Saipan.