Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things are going to start happening to me now (part II)

Well, I was (kinda, sorta) featured in another podcast, this time for the one put out by Relevant magazine. Okay, I wasn't actually on it, but I did have a question answered. Every week they throw out a question to the their listeners and read some of the responses the following week. This time, though, they turned the tables and invited questions to be submitted to them. My question was something I had always wondered about the magazine industry (namely, why it takes so long to receive your first issue after you subscribe).

Ask a boring question, get a boring answer. But now I know. You can download the podcast here. It's the 5.23.08 edition and my question comes in towards the end, about 1:17:22 into it.

It was kind of funny that they couldn't determine my gender from my e-mail, so I was referred to as "Southern Micah." At least they pronounced my name correctly. Thanks, guys.


jasdye said...

yeah, i just caught it this morning and laughed my head off, you gender-ambiguous southerner you. thinking about adding it to my favorite quotes on facebook.

Micah said...

I figured that you'd catch it. My only regret is that the Classic Crew (Cameron, Jesse, Cara, and Tyler - thought Adam's grown on me) wasn't in place to comment on my gender ambiguity.

Not to slam the current line-up, but it's just not the same anymore. Still, I look forward to listening to them every week.

jasdye said...

i came late to the party, so i missed the tyler year(s?). but yeah, it's definitely slowed down, esp. with jesse gone now.

"yeah, i'd like a car that ran on feelings, but you can't always get what you want."

Micah said...

I think Jesse was the key. His stories never failed to entertain.

Dude's got a blog over at the 700 Club now! Ha ha.