Friday, May 30, 2008

My Spring Muxtape 2008

For about 4 years now I've been making seasonal mix CDs for select friends and family. A few weeks ago I discovered Muxtape and figured that it was about time I open the mixes up for the world at large.

So, here is Micah's Spring Mix 2008 (just in time for summer!):

1. "California Girls" - The Magnetic Fields
2. "Time to Pretend" - MGMT
3. "Dream Girls" - Neon Neon
4. "Daughter in the House of Fools" - Enon
5. "Heaven" - Club 8
6. "Open Doors" - Josh Ritter
7. "(Nothing But) Flowers" - Talking Heads
8. "The Taste of Red" - Butch Walker
9. "Chips" - The Saw Doctors
10. "Float On" - Ben Lee
11. "How Deep Is Your Love" - The Bird and the Bee
12. "I Wasn't Really Drunk" - Eef Barzelay

Unfortunately, Muxtape caps the number of songs at 12, so not all of the songs I put on the CD made the cut. You'll have to find the rest elsewhere:

"Say Goodbye" - Samuel
"Once Again" - Steve Poltz
"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" - Orson
"Torn on the Platform" - Jack Penate
"Academia" - Sia
"Drinking With You" - Jonathan Coulton
"Black Hole" - She & Him
"If You Were a Sailboat" - Katie Melua

Note: I do not want this Muxtape to be blue, but every time I try changing its color I get an error and cries of help (read: an e-mail to Muxtape) remains unanswered. Just imagine it is yellow.

So, do you have any Muxtapes to share?


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get this now. I already had "Chips" from you once before, but I love it and actually started playing it again recently. I also really like Katie Melua although I don't have any of her stuff. Yay!

Micah said...

Ha ha. Last week I finally got around to inputting all of the songs that I've used in my seasonal mixes into a spreadsheet so as to avoid re-using songs. And, sure enough, I find out that I had already used "Chips". D'oh! Oh well, it's a good song.

The Katie Melua song is from her latest album, which has yet to be released in the states. It came out last year in the UK.