Friday, May 09, 2008

Crush of the Week: Alyssa Milano

This week's Crush is actress Alyssa Milano, who is currently guest-starring on "My Name Is Earl"*.

And for having her own line of MLB clothes and baseball blog, she proves that she is the boss.

*Which I didn't get to see the end of last night. Thank you very much, needless inclement weather alert (for another place in the state that has its own NBC affiliate, I might add).


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RVA Foodie said...

Burned into my mind: Tony, her dad, frequently saying, "Thamanta!" in his overacted Rocky turned house-husband impersonation.

Having gone through puberty at the same time as Samantha, on Who's the Boss, my crush on Alyssa Milano is part of my warped development. It broke my heart to see her turn soft-core porn actress.

jasdye said...

dito what rva said.

and then add to that the protracted love interest with baseball/baseball players (hers, not mine) and Charmed and, let's just say that i'm glad i'm married and have had to give up my Samantha Stalking.