Sunday, June 01, 2008

Things are going to start happening to me now (part III)

Well, this has been a banner week for me, as I was on yet another podcast, this time on This Show Again. They had a contest where the 100th caller would win a big box of mostly useless stuff (mismatched socks, ball of cables, old cell phone, SI Swimsuit Issue, bag of Milanos, etc.). After a couple of months - and about 75 calls - the contest drew to a close. I emerged victorious.

They called one night and interviewed me "on the air." Because of the guys' speakerphone/Skype set-up, I couldn't hear them too well, so I sound kind of disoriented. Of coure, as with anything involving people who don't know me, there's a lengthy debate about as to how to pronounce my name.

Anyway, you can listen to it here (the episode is #88 titled "Your Google Gangers") and my segment starts around 23:35.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea Micah was so hard to pronounce. It's like the mineral or rock or something, with an H on it.

I expected you to sound Southier.

Micah said...

You'd think, but I get "mee-ka" a lot, among other terrible manglings. Have these people not taken Earth Science or read the Bible? I've gotten to the point where I just answer to Mike or Michael if people can't grasp the pronunciation.

And the Skype hides my non-existent drawl.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have you confused with Mika. I love Mika.

Micah said...

Yeah, I dig him, too. He's hard to sing along with at times, though. Damn testicles get in the way.