Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Micah World Top 25

Here they are, the top 25 songs burning up my iPod (as of 6.11.08):

1. "All Green" - Clem Snide
2. "Time to Pretend" - MGMT
3. "Dream Girls" - Neon Neon
4. "Open Doors" - Josh Ritter
5. "Once Again" - Steve Poltz
6. "California Girls" - The Magnetic Fields
7. "Konichiwa Bitches" - Robyn
8. "Chewing Gum" - Annie
9. "Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night" - The Fratellis
10. "Brainy" - The National
11. "Rains" - Steve Poltz
12. "Serve Me My Food" - Steve Poltz
13. "(Nothing But) Flowers" - Talking Heads
14. "Song Without a Chorus" - Butch Walker
15. "The Taste of Red" - Butch Walker
16. "Forever, Now and Then" - Clem Snide
17. "Tuesday, October 24th" - Clem Snide
18. "Close the Door" - Clem Snide
19. "Action" - Clem Snide
20. "Find Love" - Clem Snide
21. "There Is Nothing" - Clem Snide
22. "Strong Enough" - Clem Snide
23. "Happy Birthday" - Clem Snide
24. "Fontanelle" - Clem Snide
25. "Every Moment" - Clem Snide

This is pretty different from the last chart. Take a wild guess which album I've been listening to a lot lately.


Maggie Moo said...

I think that you should have a contest for a Micah Mix. And I think the criteria for winning should be:

1. You are female
2. You live in Boston
3. You are a chef.


Anonymous said...

"Serve Me My Food" and "Rains" are two of my fave songs of his recent double release...
Steve's way cool fun "Rains" video is at...

Micah said...

mags - Wow. Those are some very narrow entry rules. But I haven't done a mix CD contest in quite a while...

anon - Thanks for posting the link; I didn't know he had made a video for it.

jasdye said...

shoot. missed that mm contest by just three short criteria!