Thursday, June 26, 2008

srah's got major walkitude

Astute MW readers will recall that a month ago I entered a walking competition with blog pal srah. Under the terms of the throwdown, the competitor who had the lowest daily step count average over the 32 day period must compose a Blog Post of Shame. Well, the results are in and I must proclaim:

srah is the Queen of All Steppage.

Yes, I lost. Big. We're talking 10,195 to 6,112. Now, I could blame it on many things: the successive crushing 100+ degree days, her attendance at a DC conference, the job that has me chained to a cube, and, uh, the rain. But, really, it all comes down to the fact that she has been and always will be a hotstepper (and a lyrical gangster, to boot).

So, congratulations, srah. You've made wormsmeat of me.

But this ain't over.


Anonymous said...

Yay! You can set up the rematch whenever you're ready.

spydrz said...

What month has 32 days?

Micah said...

srah - It'll be sometime after my beach trip next week. You've been warned.

spyrdz - It's a leap year. Duh.

Anonymous said...

I need to get a pedometer; I have a feeling I would have crushed both of you.

Anonymous said...


Micah said...

Oh, no you didn't!