Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crush of the Week: Anne Hathaway

This week's Crush is actress Anne Hathaway, lately of the Get Smart big screen adaption.

Now, I've never actually seen any of her work, but she's awfully cute.


Anonymous said...

Oh you and I are on the same page. I saw Get Smart last night and I think Steve Carell was in it, I'm not sure.

She is a supernova.

Paul Hammond said...

Barbara Felden will always be Agent 99 to me.

Maggie Moo said...

Sometimes I look at her think she's not pretty. But then other times-gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I would wreck that.

Micah said...

jephy - Yep, she's a looker.

paul h - True, Anne's a good runner-up.

mags - We call that the "Julia Roberts Syndrome" (although I'd never classify JR as "gorgeous").

sbn1 - Your validation was what I was aiming for.