Monday, September 22, 2008

This nonsensical song has been on a constant loop in my head since Saturday

Thanks a lot, Phil!

According to the internets, the lyrics are: "ualuealuealeuale ualuelaelaellalea, alsualsualualauusualulus alsualsualualauusualulus ualuealuealeuale ualuelaelaellalea, alsualsualualauusualulus alsualsualualauusualulus"

My easy money-making scheme for this week:

1. Transcribe gibberish that my 2 year old nephew constatly speaks
2. Set it to a simple beat
3. ???
4. Profit!


SBN1 said...

I knew I recognised that crap from somewhere!

Micah said...

That's hilarious. You should've come down. Amanda's party was fun - the meal I prepared was great, if I do say so myself - and, by the end of the night, it evolved/devolved into a Watch A Bunch Of Funny YouTube Clips Party.

jasdye said...

omg. that's HORRIBLE sbn1.

I freekin' LOVE it! consider it *yoinked*.