Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Deck the cube with a tree that just needs a little love

I may be a blockhead, but I did adorn my cubicle with a nice tree.

My cube's Yule decorations are nice and simple. My work neighbors' cubes? It's what I would imagine Burl Ives would see if he was on a bad acid trip.

Note to self: name my first born son "Burl."


spydrz said...

Ahh, the "classy" wood-trimmed cubes of the 'Bureau.

Micah said...

The only way they'd be classier is if they were mirrored with gold trim.

jasdye said...

wait. you seriously have a picture of meredith in your cube?

you're staying, bro. for a very long time.

or a very short time.

Denae said...

This is really nice. I think I might bring in a tree too.

Last year I bought a live one and made an angel out of white paper for the top. My roomies (Kingsley and Paul) wanted to know why I had placed toilet paper on the top of the tree. Oh well.

Micah said...

jasdye - She's featured for December on my "The Office" calendar. Do you not follow me on Twitter? I announce these things every month. :)

I'm ditching the calendar at the end of the year - for obvious reasons - but my brother wants the picture of Toby. Now that you should be concerned about.

Denae - Ha ha! Did the "angel" look like a "roll"? One year in college I cut out a picture of Stone Cold Steve Austin from the cover of a wrestling magazine, gave him wings and put him atop my tree.

Oh, and my tree isn't real, but officially licensed and purchased from my local hipster store (I got it last year).