Friday, December 12, 2008

Crush of the Week: Jennifer Aniston

This week's Crush is actress Jennifer Aniston, widely known for her work in Leprechaun.

I'm not really the biggest fan of her work, but she does look smokin' in her new GQ layout. That said, I doubt I'll ever see Marley & Me.


Denae said...

I'm not impressed with Aniston. She should be in Playboy if she wants to pose in the nude. Unprofessional in my's not like she's trying to get her first big break.

SBN1 said...

Unlike Buzz Killington there, I am impressed. I forgot Aniston had it like that. While she's no Denise Milani, her stock just went up on the Bang index. Nice choice, Micah!

Micah said...

Denae - Jen's got it and, at age 40, she's well within her rights to flaunt it. At least she did it in a tasteful manner; it's not like she did one of those gynecological "Huster," ahem, spreads.

But I fully support your assertion that she should pose for "Playboy." :)

SBN1 - No woman comes anywhere close to Denise Milani.