Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm a very metro mountain man. And also a pirate, I guess.

In years past, I would just grow my beard out all willy nilly. I'd trim it every now and then, but leave it at that. This year I'm going to do it right, though. Official Friend of Micah World SBN1 suggested that I follow his lead and give Bluebeards Original Beard Saver and Beard Wash a try.

Product...for beards? At the risk of introducing an element of douchebaggery to my facial tresses*, I splurged.

Although I've only been using them for a week, I'm digging them thus far. The lime and aloe in the Beard Wash does indeed leave my beard feeling clean (go figure). And the Beard Saver is doing whatever it does, I assume. I didn't use any of it over the long Thanksgiving weekend and was plagued with an intense itching fit on Sunday night. After resuming use of the Beard Saver on Monday, I've had nary an itch on my face. It could all just be a coincidence, but I'll give the beard cream (ewwwwwww!) the benefit of the doubt.

So, I guess this is what it takes to be a 21st century suburban mountain man. There are some other beard care products that I'm curious about, but I'll wait until I use up (or tire of) what I've got now.

*Yes, I do use some product in my hair, but if I didn't I'd suffer the wrath of the cowlick from Hell. Plus, you can't really tell.


Dave Bessom said...


Oh, and kudos on your King Crimson reference. I just recently dug up my Best Of cd of theirs. Great stuff.

Micah said...

Based on my admittedly limited usage, I'd recommend this stuff.

I've never been a King Crimson fan (out of ignorance of their catalog), so any reference to them was inadvertent. What was it?

Anonymous said...

There is a Beard/Mustache Championship coming to NYC...you should consider going!