Monday, December 01, 2008

Everybody's heard about the beard. Beard beard beard. Beard is the word.

It's that time of year again, when the harsh winds and biting cold force me to become all woolly.

Traditionally, I wait until Thanksgiving day to start growing my winterbeard, but I decided that this year I wanted to get a jump on my bearded awesomeness and started it a week earlier than usual.

To commemorate this most joyous time of the year (for my face, at least), I figured that I'd proclaim this Beard Week at Micah World. The test will be whether or not I can stretch this theme out for a week's worth of posts. I doubt it, but we'll see.

I invite all of my readers - well, just the male ones, I guess - to join me in this endeavor. Need a good reason to do so? How about ten very good reasons?


Anonymous said...

Hmm that's funny. I thought that would at least make the newspaper. Oh what's that, you haven't heard? Gee, I thought everbody'd heard that the bird is the word.

Micah, I am also surprised you have not posted the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero commercial.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Brother, back into the fold. I started growing mine in April, just to see if I could do it. Wife not happy with me. I agreed to shave in the spring with the caveat that I would grow 'Fall Foliage' every year thereafter.

Dave Bessom said...

Don't remember the last time I shaved. Wasn't it the week before your wedding, Wh1skeylover?

Anonymous said...

Yes it was. And very scruffy you looked too. Wish you would have had a full beard and a shirt that was not open to your nipples.

Micah said...

Jephy - I was stumped about what I should title this post and then I remembered the "Family Guy" repeat this week. As for Klum, she's definitely attractive, but not really one of my faves. If I have to select a Victoria's Secret model to drool over (twist my arm), I'd go with Tyra in her prime, Marisa Miller, or some of their other curvier women whose names I'm currently blanking on.

And what's this with Tobacco Avenue shutting down?! Just where am I supposed to go for Richmond-centric humor now? Huh?!

WL - "Fall Foliage"...I like it! I usually get sick of my winterbeard in the spring and shave it off at the beach. But I may keep it longer this time. Maybe.

Dave - Coming soon to Micah World: Nipple Week!

SBN1 said...

yeah, Marisa Miller! you know where it's at, Micah.

Micah said...

You're the one that put her on my radar, oh wise one.