Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crush of the Week: Ashley Williams

This week's Crush is actress Ashley Williams, who I discovered this week when I watched the TV movies Snow and Snow 2: Brain Freeze.

I only tuned into those ABC Family movies because I'm a big Tom Cavanagh fan (ever since "Ed") and, honestly, they weren't all that great. But Williams is a cutie and worth tuning in for.


Dave Bessom said...

Cavanaugh was good on Scrubs as JD's older brother, too.

Funny coincidence (or is it?), on Scrubs, JD's brother hooked up with Elliot (Sarah Chalke - where's her Crush of the Week? EH?); also, they were in a movie together, wherein they romantically joined forces (I'm assuming; I actually haven't seen it).

Micah said...

Yeah, he's funny on "Scubs." Hope he shows up in the new season.

Also, I just saw him in a promo for a new show coming to TNT. Before I knew he was in it, I had zero interest in the show. Now, I'll at least give it a shot.

What was the movie with Cavanagh & Chalke? I'm drawing a blank.

As for Miss Sarah's CotW, she was among the first in this blog's infancy and has never left my heart. Or loins.