Saturday, December 27, 2008

Song to get you through the weekend: "The Girl" by City and Colour

Well, I'm knee deep in '08 music, reevaluating what needs to be reevaluated before I post my list (maybe it'll pop up next week). One album that didn't totally grab me and probably won't make the Top 10 is Bring Me Your Love by City and Colour (sorry, SBN1). But I do love his song "The Girl" a lot and that'll likely make my Top Songs list. With the tempo shift midway through, it's like getting two songs in one!


SBN1 said...

good that you recognise the brilliance that is Dallas Green. bad that you aren't including his album, Bring Me Your Love, in your top ten of 2008. then again, perhaps it is not a bad thing as you are the same person who openly-admitted to enjoying Mika.

Micah said...

I dunno. This song immediately grabbed me, but the rest of the album...not so much.

Hey, there ain't no shame in digging the falsetto pleasures of Mika.

SBN1 said...

No, Micah, there's a lot of shame in that. Like an addict that's resorted to sucking c*** for drugs, you just don't realise (or care) how low you've sunk.

Call us when you finally hit bottom; we'll be there to get you back on your feet.