Wednesday, February 16, 2005

And people wonder why I'm fussy about my condiments

A Swedish woman found a human penis in a bottle of ketchup. It seems everyone's Valentines wishes are coming true, but mine.

"I will never buy this brand again, it's finished," she said. Oh, come on. She's going to let a "medium sized" thing like this destroy her brand loyalty?


spydrz said...

The song "Detachable Penis" comes to mind.

Panthergirl said...

Um, maybe the fact that the manufacturer is AX FOODS might give us a clue?

Kristen said...

A few years ago, a three-inch piece of "penis" was found in punch. It turned out to be mold.

Look at for the full story, pics and all:

Micah said...

I'm thinking there's an easy hot dog joke to be made, but I shant to it.

I love snopes. I've gotten lost reading about all of those urban legends. Seriously, that's a great site.

Panthergirl said...

Micah, I tried to think of a hot dog joke too, but I could only come up with a cover song: "Weiner in a Bottle".

Me three on Snopes.