Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Screw the bar exam, I'm heading to culinary school

Tonight I took a study break and attended a hands-on cooking class at Sur La Table - "A Taste of the Bayou." The menu consisted of jambalaya, Cajun dirty rice, skillet corn bread, and beignets. The instructor was the executive chef at Martini's, a local Italian restaurant. I learned some great tips and am jonesin' to make a big pot of Creole goodness. It really made me want to ditch this whole "law thing" and enroll in culinary school. Maybe for my mid-life crisis.

With the course registration, I received a 10% store discount. I didn't think that I'd buy anything, but after some browsing I gave in. Here's what I picked up: espresso martini mix and rimmer (*snicker*), a measurement convertor magnet, a set of Hawaiian shirt coasters, and a really cool margarita glass.

I'm sure you're thinking, "but Micah, you don't like mararitas." I don't, but this glass is so cool that I plan on drinking everything out of it: vodka tonics, bourbon, juice, milk, Fresca, whatever.

On a completely separate note, I got home in time to watch the second half of the Richmond/St. Joe's game that was streamed on the internet. Boy, I haven't seen two teams play so terribly. Neither one broke 50 points.


Micah said...

Sounds like a plan. If you pay my tuition, living expenses, and current student, then I'd say that we have a deal.

spydrz said...

I was out until after 1030 with my moonpie-adoring friend, so don't blame the game on me.

Micah said...

Sabrina - Thanks for stopping by! As far as I know, you didn't break any blogging protocols. :) Back in the day (oh, about 4 years), I had to choose between law school and culinary school. Obviously, I chose the former. I don't consider it a waste at all, though. I've met some great people and having another degree can't hurt. Just don't know if I'll follow the law career path.

Christy - C'mon, that glass is awesome. All the ladies are going to love me.

spydrz - I don't blame you. They played so badly that there has to have been a voodoo curse placed on them.

Kristen said...

Mmm beignets. I have wanted to try to make them for years! I make coconut fried shrimp and red beans and rice every year for Mardi Gras -- maybe next year I'll do beignets too.

You may have convinced me to take a Sur La Table class. That way I'll be able to get 10 percent off my most-lusted-for posession, a Le Creuset risotto pot.

Micah said...

Sabrina - The school part is about nine months behind me. Now I'm studying for the bar (2nd time) next week. Good luck with the B&B!

Kristen - I attempted to make beignets a couple of years ago. They were good, but not as good as last nights. Your Mardi Gras meal sounds great. My friends and I would throw a Phat Saturday (the Saturday preceeding Fat Tuesday) party each year, but that is on hiatus since we are all spread out. But it will be back. Mark my words, it will be back.

Kate The Great said...

Oh my gosh. We're living parallel lives. I posted this morning without checking in with you. Seriously man, we've got to open a restaurant in the Nati or something.

I'll take care of appetizers, soups and desserts... you can be the mixologist and grill master.

Micah said...

I don't know, bud. Posting without checking in on me first? Points off.