Sunday, February 13, 2005

Quick movie reviews

Here's some short reviews of movies that I saw over the last few weeks (in the theater or on DVD or cable):

I Heart Huckabees: I didn't heart it. Marky Mark did a great job, though. Usually this is my type of movie, just wasn't all that funny. I expected great things from the writer/director of Flirting With Disaster (a movie I love).

House of Flying Daggers: I wanted to really love this one, but it fell short. It's a gorgeous movie, deserving of its Best Cinematography nod. The story calls for two huge battles at the end, yet we only get one. Also, I didn't buy some of the characters' motivations. Really, who falls into the End All Be All Love after knowing the other person for only three days?

The Rundown: This had a lot of things going for it: big, dumb action; The Rock, who just oozes charisma; Stifler and Christopher Walken; monkeys. Overall, not a bad popcorn flick. The Rock kicks butt in a pair of khakis and an oxford shirt. For most of the movie, though, his character proclaims that he doesn't like using guns, yet he utilizes them in the climax. It would've been better (and refreshingly different) if he never used them at all (not that I'm one of those anti-gun folks).

13 Going on 30: Very girly, but the Jennifer Garner eye candy is enough for me to give it a shot. Cute. Not worth owning, but cute.

The Punisher: When I was in my formative years, the Punisher was my comic book character of choice. I'd witnessed a God-awful movie adaption starring Dolph Lundgren in 1989, so my hopes were high for this one. Thomas Jane pulled off the title role much better than I thought he would. My biggest complaint is that the movie would sometimes go for silly laughs, which doesn't fit with the tone of the source material.


B said...

It was interesting to me that you discuss the irrationality of finding one's "true love" in such a short time. Remains to be seen, surely, but at this point I would say this: always leave yourself open to the possibility of astonishment :-).

spydrz said...

When did the Dagger movie come out? I don't think I've heard of it. I did see the Aviator on Friday and it was OK. From a historical perspective, too much of his life was left out (the entire Vega$ section).

Micah said...

FreeAtLast - Thanks for stopping by. Maybe I'm just jaded.

spydrz - I think "Daggers" has been out since early January, if not December. It's playing at several mainstream (read: not arthouse) theaters, so maybe it's hit Richmond, as well.

I'll probably see "The Aviator" sometime before the Oscars roll around. I figured that pretty boy Leo wouldn't delve into the weirdo germaphobe Hughes.

Micah said...

It's been on Starz a few times, but so far I haven't fallen prey to the "Ocean's Eleven Effect."*

*(where I watch it every damn time when aired on HBO or TBS, despite the fact that I own the damn movie - uncut and in its OAR)

spydrz said...

Is that dagger movie one of those karate films? I probably won't like it then.

spydrz said...

Everyone seems to be forgetting the "Shawshank Effect" also.

Micah said...

Sure, I watch "Shawshank" when it comes on. There's about an 85% that it is on TNT at any given time.

OAR = Original Aspect Ratio. Usually, "dem black bars."

"HoD" isn't for everyone. Yes, there's martial arts, but it's also a love story. Plus, you have to "read" the movie.

"Serendipity"? Oh, man. I love John Cusack, too, but c'mon.

Micah said...

I forgot Levy was in that. And Piven does indeed rock. As much of a looker Kate Beckinsale is, I wanted to hold her character's head underwater.

spydrz said...

One of my fave Piven quotes:

"He's finishing his senior thesis. Pigman is trying to prove the Caine-Hackman theory. No matter what time it is, 24 hours a day, you can find a Michael Caine or Gene Hackman movie playing on TV."

Micah said...

KPMD - I'd still recommend "HoFD" - it was good. Just not as great as I built it up to be - certainly no "Hero," which kicked much ass. Plus, it's nice to see the lush beauty on the big screen.

Still want to see "Sideways." I'll have to double bill it with "The Aviator." Memmer saw it and said it was more explicit (wang!) than she thought it'd be.

Also wanting to see "Life Aquatic," but may wait till it hits the dollar theater. Shitty seats! Crappy sound! Terrible prints! Only a buck!

I seriously hope you were kidding about "Never Been Kissed."

It seems that all the good urologists are gay or married.

spydrz said...

Never Been Kissed? I think I've only made it about twenty minutes into that flick. Strange. Of course, he did take advantage of that free premium channel weekend down in the 'Heights.

Micah said...

That's just sad. I don't think Drew Barrymore's turned anyone's eyes, Tom Green and her heroin dealer notwithstanding

Kristen said...

Oh, come on!

13 Going on 30 is worth owning, if only to watch the Thriller dance over and over till you can do it.

Micah said...

Oh, I own my share of girly movies ("Notting Hill" anyone?), but a line has to be drawn somewhere. Otherwise, I'm seriously putting my hetero street cred at risk.