Monday, February 28, 2005

Someone please explain this to me

I mentioned this in the comments to my Oscar night post, but does anyone actually find this hairstyle attractive?

Photo courtesy of Variety

Come on, Laura. You're an attractive woman...but not with that 'do.


spydrz said...

Did she just step out of the shower, then stand behind a jet at takeoff?

(Take off, eh!)

Kate The Great said...

This mohawk thingy has been making the pages for a while. Totally dorky.

My picks, by the way, totally blew chunks. Oh well. The NCAA Tournament is more my speed.

Kristen said...

One of my friends pointed out that she looks exactly like a seahorse with that do.

And damn, that's a lot of eyeliner.

But at least she's not as ugly as Renee Zellweger was.

Panthergirl said...

Renee Zellweger looked like a Chinese Bobblehead doll.

Annette Bening looked like Clay Aiken, and I posted pictures to prove it.

Antonio Bandaras was singing to a song that Carlos Santana was not playing, and tapping in time to yet a third tune.

I'm so NOT disappointed to have lost out on the Wendy's meal. ;)

Micah said...

Looks like I'm not alone with my hatred of this style. I've seen it before - probably most recently on Paris Hilton. Of course, there's nothing about her that I do like (aside from the money), so...

Zellwegger looked terrible. Bad hair, much too skinny.

I totally wasn't digging Santana's Che Guevera shirt. Maybe Stalin shirts will one day be in vogue.

Anonymous said...

Well she scares me !:)

Micah said...

KPMD - Apparently not.

EllaBella - Ha! I like the quote about her dress's hemline being "created by dozens of cats working together to claw their way through her couture." Thanks for the link.

woodee - She scares us all.

Micah said...

Honestly, I was too focused on the 'do Sunday night to notice her dress. But, yeah, it's hideous, too.