Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Buy this album: "Bedtime with the Beatles"

I've got to say that power popster Jason Falkner's Bedtime with the Beatles is probably the most relaxing CD that I own. Sure it's a lullaby album (available in blue or pink covers), but I think adults will be able to appreciate it. This is a slight departure for Falkner, but he does an excellent job of selecting and recording songs from the Lennon/McCartney catalog, often slowing down their original tempos. Very soothing stuff. I bought a copy of this CD for my sister when she was preggers a year and a half ago, as well as one for myself. If you want an album that you can drift off to sleep to (in a good way), this is it.


Micah said...

Well, to tell the truth, I'm still an outlaw in the eyes of the RIAA. I haven't downloaded much lately, except for some live shows by John Wesley Harding, Steve Poltz, Public Enemy, etc. Not that it isn't still my passion.

But I found something greater than downloading: the public library. I've copied a metric shit-ton of music from there. In fact, that's how I obtained my copy of the Bedtime with the Beatles (I did actually buy it for my sister from Amazon). You're guarenteed "CD quality" music.

Isn't Shamrock a bit less of a downloading prude than he was a few years ago?

Anyway, KPMD, I'll try to assist you in getting a copy of this after I get back from the beach.

Micah said...

Oh, and if Big Brother is reading, I purchased Moby's new CD today from Best Buy. I've got the receipt to prove it.

Micah said...

You mean those thugged out local NO rappers that we saw on TV weren't Tulane or Loyola students?

Micah said...

HA! I was trying to think of their name, but was drawing a blank. Full Effek in the hizz-ouse!

Funny thing: I've been cleaning out my office all evening and came across a certain self-burned compilation CD given out to attendees of a certain blog commenter's wedding. Does the RIAA know about this?