Friday, March 04, 2005

My name in lights...

...Things are going to start happening to me today.

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Credit due: She's Come Undone

Misc. Movie Link: Further proof that advertising techniques can make anything look good.

Credit due: spydrz


spydrz said...

Put those pants back on!! Put those pants back on!!

Panthergirl said...

Micah! The lengths you will go to to avoid butt cleavage!

(come visit The Dog's Breakfast...I think you'll be amused.)

Micah said...

Why, it's Ted Kennedy via "The Critic." YES! Not that I need more street cred.

I could've made a mint off of the Delta 88 had I made a commercial like that. Instead, I donated the damn thing. Blue Car, on the other had, sold itself.

spydrz said...

KP-the video didn't remind you of Pierre?

Micah said...

Pierre? That surrender monkey car. Bah! Blue Car spits on Pierre.

spydrz said...

BlueCar actually could spit. Coolant, that is. Also, she had a penchant for flatulating smoke across X-lot.

But what about the Firebird?

Micah said...

Blue Car definitely had coolant issues. It was really fun being stuck in Whitcomb Court, I tells ya. "In the ghetto..."

The Firebird was in a class by herself. She could turn on a dime, provided that you gun the accelerator.

I've just realized that I've had more cars than girlfriends. Sad.