Monday, March 07, 2005

Do it for Santa's Little Helper

Blog buddy panthergirl is having a comment fundraiser for Greyhound Rescue & Rehab over at her blog. She's donating $2 for the first 100 comments left on her post and $1 per comment thereafter. So go over there and make a dog's day.


Panthergirl said...

The skinny dogs thank you, Micah!!

spydrz said...

I can't seem to leave a comment...I'll try again later.
I am a big fan of the rescue operations--my friend Dan's parents even have the "Adopt a Greyhound" special license plates since they've adopted two.

Panthergirl said...

Yeah, the comment thing has been wonky (today of ALL days!). But it does seem to work. Maybe if too many people are trying at the same time it cramps up? ;)

My license plates are "FASTPUP" for my SUV, and "1FASTPUP" for my MINI.

Thanks and I hope you can go back and comment!

Micah said...

pg - Not a problem. Glad to help the cause.