Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A sad realization

I just realized that the three TV characters that I identify with the most are Moe Szylak ("The Simpsons"), Dr. Zoidberg ("Futurama"), and Bill Dauterive ("King of the Hill"). I say that this is sad because: A) these are all very lonely, desperate, pathetic characters and B) they are cartoons.

Jeez, I need a girlfriend. Or a hobby.


spydrz said...

I think, Futurama-wise, that I relate most to Fry...

Kristen said...

Dr. Zoidberg is the best.

There is even a cartoon of him as Jesus on Google images.

Micah said...

I had that image as my computer wallpaper a while back. Blasphemous? A bit. Funny? Yep.

Law Fairy said...

"It's Santa Claus!"

"And his good friend, Jesus!"

Or another favorite:

"The president is dead. Congratulations, Mr. President!"

Okay, okay, one more:

"One art, please!"

I heart Dr. Zoidberg.

Micah said...

"Futurama" is a great show, in large part to Zoidberg. He's such a great character. Pathos makes for great comedy, I guess.

Micah said...

I think it's the purple hair.