Friday, March 11, 2005

Done too soon: "Ed"

My lunchtime ritual lately has been to fix the Ultimate PBnJ (crunchy peanut butter, pineapple preserves, toasted whole grain bread) and watch a rerun of Ed on TBS.

The premise of the show is simple: Ed gets fired from his big NYC law firm and catches his wife cheating on him, so he decides to move back to his small hometown - the fictional Stuckeyville, Ohio. There he buys a bowling alley and runs his law practice out of there, while pursuing his high school crush Carol and reconnecting with his best friend Mike. Quirky characters abound, including one played by Michael Ian Black (aka That Guy From VH1's "I Love the __s" aka That Guy From The State aka Johnny Bluejeans). The closing arguments of Ed's weekly case always conveniently pertained to one of the episode's other non-law storylines. Lessons were learned. Laughs were had. NBC ran this David Letterman produced show for four seasons before it axed it early last year. I'm glad TBS picked up the syndicated episodes and I can only hope DVDs will be on the way.

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