Thursday, April 28, 2005

If this doesn't win an Emmy...

I'm just sitting here, checking the digital cable on-screen guide to see what's on the premium channels like Skinemax (I never watch this channel, I SWEAR). Here's the program description:

Thrills 2: Couples enjoy exciting lovemaking.

With a plot like that, how can I not watch this show? Actually, between an Amy Sedaris appearance on Letterman and an airing of one of my favorite episodes of King of the Hill (Bill is put on Christmas suicide watch - sounds depressing, but it's hilarious), I think that I'll skip it. Plus I'm pretty sure that I've already seen it. A few times.


Kristen said...

You know there's an adult film star awards ceremony? This bit of trivia, I picked up from watching HBO's Pornacopia documentary series.

The categories were pretty funny. Wish I could Google it at work to pull some up for you.

Micah said...

Uh...yeah...never heard of the AVN awards...I mean, whatever it's clue.