Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm so hardcore

Because there's no demand for it, here's a pic of my tattoo.

Go, Spiders!

Guess you could say that I love my alma mater. I had mulled over getting this for a few years and finally worked up the courage during Spring Break 2003. The procedure really wasn't painful - more of a constant annoyance. This was taken shortly after it was done, hence the flecks of blood and shaved hair. And its placement still allows me to get a white collar job.

If you're itchin' to get some ink, I suggest that you go see Ellie at Electric Lady Land in New Orleans.

In related news, tattoos of broken-up celebrity couples!


spydrz said...

My eyes! MY EYES!

Micah said...

I should've given a warning that safety goggles are recommended.

Micah said...

That certainly would've made a better story, but I was stone cold sober. From talking to the proprietors of the tattoo parlor, the profession seems to be adament that clients do not arrive drunk. Not necessarily for a "dude, think this through" perspective; more of a health thing (alcohol thins the blood and inhibits clotting). I did get drunk every night of the trip except that one.

I'm sure that you're glad to be back in town, Mr. Out-Of-The-Office-Until-April-27.

Hasselback said...

WOAH, now that was a sharp left turn into something different.

I was there. He was sober. I think I was still wrung from the night before.

Good times.

Micah said...

CB - I still can't believe our little Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo is relocating to NYC. At least I'll have a place to stay in The City (i.e. on top of you, in your closet - don't worry, I've been South Beachin' it).

George - It's called not having anything of real substance to post today. Not that this post is full of insight. And be careful - I may just post the pic of you and your balloon hat.

Kate The Great said...

One question, left cheek or right?

Micah said...

It ain't on my cheek, baby.

spydrz said...

You've *gotta* post the pic of George in the balloon hat!!

Micah said...

I have some friends that freak out when I just post pics in my Imagestation, let alone this blog. So I try to get permission first. So, George, how about it?