Friday, April 22, 2005

Willie Mays Hayes sues studio because his movie sucked

Variety is reporting that Wesley Snipes is suing New Line, writer-director David Goyer and Toby Emmerich, executive producer of "Blade: Trinity" for $5 million.

Goyer penned all three Blade scripts. According to the complaint, however, Snipes had concerns about him directing the third film in the trilogy and was not informed until six weeks before filming began that Goyer would direct. Similarly, he was not given an opportunity to object to the "juvenile level of humor" in the screenplay and the change in focus from the Blade character to two sidekicks. Snipes claims the real purpose of Blade III was to set the stage for spinoffs featuring other cast members.

Snipes blames Goyer for the critical response to the film, citing reviews describing Goyer as a "disastrous choice" and calling the film a "bloody mess." Film, released last December, has grossed $52 million at the domestic box office.

Uh, Wes, you did star in Money Train, U.S. Marshals, and Murder at 1600, didn't you? And you're just now bringing a complaint like this? So when is The Rock going to file a suit because of the shittiness of The Scorpion King?

Nino Brown is also playing the race card:
Snipes also claims that in contrast to the first two Blade films, in which efforts were made to select a multiracial cast and crew, defendants intentionally hired only white people, leading to feelings of isolation and exclusion by Snipes.

He also claims that Goyer made racially motivated statements about Snipes being unprofessional and difficult to work with, and that Goyer refused to discipline a crew member who wore a racially discriminatory T-shirt on the set.

Always bet on black. And I wonder what was on that shirt.

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spydrz said...

The media always mentions "racially insensitive" but never actually names the comment.