Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Timeless Art of Seduction

Because I can't think of anything to post about and this episode was on this evening.

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Kate The Great said...

And to think, I thought you were going to offer some suggestions. 28 years into life I've come up with some pretty darn good techniques of my own, but I'm always looking for some extra tricks.

Seinfeld. I never did jump whole heartedly onto that bandwagon. I'll watch if there's nothing else on (I far more enjoyed watching when it was in it's run). Some of my favorite moments: The chick without the bra, Terri Hatcher in the sauna, The smelly car, the puffy shirt, the marble rye, the hot tub in Kramer's apt., Anything Peterman (who is actually a Lexington native) and of course the Soup Nazi.

Micah said...

Believe me, hon. You don't want the shit that I'm shoveling. I have no game and don't pretend otherwise.

As for Seinfeld, I'm proud to say that I've been down since the first kinda-crappy season. Simply love the show. George Costanza is one of the best TV characters ever. Even though I watch the show every day, I'm eagerly anticipating the 4th season DVD release.