Sunday, April 10, 2005

In addition to my regular sickness, I also have DC baseball fever

I may be the only person in the state of Ohio that is really jazzed about Major League Baseball returning to the District of Crack. The Nationals have renewed my interest in our nation's 'roided-out pastime (despite the fact that I don't live in a market near DC and have yet to actually see a game, on TV or otherwise). Granted, I wasn't a fan of the Expos, but this is more about cheering on a team from my once ('98-'01) and future (later this year?) area of residence.

There's no shortage of information within the Blogosphere about the Nationals and that's mainly how I keep up with them. The one I'm really digging right now is BallWonk (love the title).

I even spent the better part of an evening last week searching for the perfect hat. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the Nationals' script "W," but I am all up in the interlocking "DC." Here's the hat that I finally ordered:

Backorderd: Ships in 2 to 4 weeks :(

Usually, I'll opt for the darker colored hat, in this case the navy blue one. But upon looking at my collection, nearly all of my hats are navy blue. So I figured that I'd spice things up a bit (caliente!) and get the red one, despite the risk that I may end up looking like either Fred Durst or Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.

My brother in Richmond, my two nephews, and I already agreed to meet up in DC for a game sometime this summer. I can't wait. Go Nats!

Non-Pope-related health update: I'm still sick. Getting better, but not operating at 100% just yet.


Panthergirl said...

Ok, wanna know how old *I* am? I actually saw the NY Yankees play the WASHINGTON SENATORS. That's right, folks. Mickey Mantle. Frank Howard. I was there.

Micah said...

That's awesome! Personally, I wanted the team to use the "Senators" moniker again. After all, what good is it doing the Texas Rangers by just sitting on it. They could make some coin by licensing/selling the name. But I've come to accept the team being called the Nationals (which really isn't bad).

Anyway, at least you're not from the Babe Ruth era. Then I'd have to question your computer literacy. (belated stereotype alert!)

KPMD said...

So glad you found your hat! I know it was a long search, on par with that for the Titanic. Hopefully, the "Nats" will fare better than the ill-fated ship and half as well as the movie. Heard they beat the Phillies - that alone makes me love them. Hope you feel better soon, dude.

p.s. in regards to your cookie post - did you see SNL last night? "Pilates Monster"?

Micah said...

Yes, the search is over, but not quite fruitful just yet. The hat's backordered, so who knows if I'll ever have it in my hands. The Nats lost opening day to the Phillies, but beat them later. Hopefully, no Phillies fans threw batteries at the players.

And, dude, they'll be your hometown team in the future, too. (You know - the communal house)

I tend to avoid SNL like the plague these days, so I didn't see it. The only thing that'll get me to watch is either the musical guest or the host. I forget who did the music last night, but I'm not a huge Cameron Diaz fan, even disregarding her moronic comments (remember: now that Bush was re-elected, rape will become legal - according to her). Occasionally, I'll check out Weekend Update, but didn't last night.

KPMD said...

I, too, hate Cameron Diaz like a bad case of herpes for so many, many reasons. Green Day was musical guest and I do enjoy them but am a bit burned out on, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". Anyhoo, I tuned in just for Weekend Update myself and they mentioned the whole cookie monster thing and how he would describe cookies as a "sometimes food". Amy Poehler then went on to report that Cookie Monster would now be known as Pilates Monster. It was funny at the time...

Speaking of sometimes food. The "enormous" omelette sandwich that we found so funny in the RIC is actually called the "Enormous Omelette Sandwich". It has like 1100 calories and 60 grams of fat. It is also hawked by that creepy ass Burger King guy who shows up in your bed and outside your window. Is anyone else totally freaked out by this guy?

Micah said...

Green Day. That's it. I like 'em, but wasn't compelled to sit through the steaming pile that is SNL nowadays.

The Burger King is indeed freaky. I'm just waiting for the commercial where he just appears in a bathroom stall while some dude takes a dump. Hootie is a much more personable spokesman (and less intrusive). As for the ENORMOUS OMLETTE SANDWICH, what makes it so high cal/fat? Now, you know full well that I've done some terrible things to my body (the bucket of white comes to mind), but I'm going to have to pass on the EOS. Unless someone dares me.

Kate The Great said...

I've always been a fan of going to baseball games. Baseball in person and football on TV (unless there's any good tailgating involved). True story: I once went to a game with Marge Shott. I won't go through all the details, but here's a nugget for you: she baked me chocolate chip cookies.

Fo real.

The Reds are my team, I guess. Went to lots of Reds games as a little girl. When we moved East I always tried to get in on the Yankees/Red Sox fandom but I really am kinda ambivelent about the two teams.

You feel bad? Sorry about that. I am not at 100 percent either, but it's all my fault (or that evil Makers Mark) so I'll just suck it up.

Micah said...

In person is the only way to see a ball game. I like to take naps with baseball, football or golf on TV in the background (my brother-in-law prefers NASCAR).

You didn't actually eat those cookies, did you? I'd suspect thtat they'd be laced with arsenic or something.