Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pope Ralph (what, too soon?)

With the passing of Pope John Paul II, millions around the world could use some comfort. That's why I propose the following movie: John Goodman is Pope Ralph. This would obviously be a sequel to his 1991 flick King Ralph (which I actually saw in the theater, I might add). Think of the hilarious hi-jinks that Pope Ralph would get into! It'll be cinematic gold, I tells ya!

Hey, much dumber movies actually get greenlit. *cough*SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2*cough*

Speaking of stupid movies, HBO or Cinemax (I forget which one) seemed to be playing Eurotrip around the clock recently, but upon checking the schedules it looks to have been pulled. Wonder if it had anything to do with that whole "death of the Pope" scene?


GMadrid said...

Very funny idea. It has to be funnier than the second Flintstones movie (The one without John Goodman)

Law Fairy said...

I can't help but wonder -- would this delicious comedic romp include a scene with the newly-crowned, er, -elected(?) pope enjoying an evening at Vatican City's finest strip club?

Micah said...

GMadrid - Thanks. It would give Goodman a reason to go on SNL again. He's usually pretty funny on that show, even in it's current humorless state.

Law Fairy - But of course! That was a major trait of his in the original and you can't just change the nature of the character. Unless you want to throw something in about alter boys.

Micah said...