Monday, April 25, 2005

Quick movie reviews

I finally got out and saw a couple of movies this past weekend: The Aviator and The Interpreter.

"I've designed a new plane. I call it the Spruce Moose."

The Aviator: The best movie that I've ever seen that stars Leonardo DiCaprio as an ambitious germaphobe with OCD and a Ross Perot-esque accent! This Howard Hughes biopic was quite good, but still far from Scorsese's best. And it was a bit too long. Surprisingly, I didn't want to punch Leo in the face. I guess that I've finally moved past that steaming pile Titanic.

The Interpreter: Solid acting, but the dialogue was kind of weak in parts. There were also a few plotholes. Kidman looked great. The message of the movie: "Diplomacy is good. Violence is bad, mmmkay?" It didn't change my feelings about the corrupt international fustercluck that is the United Nations, though.


spydrz said...

As a historian, I'm sitting there during the Aviator going, "Where's the other thiry years of his life?" You see, from the late 40s until his death in 1976, Howard Hughes owned most of Las Vegas. That should've been included in the film. He was parodied by Jimmy Dean as the reclusive billionaire in "Diamonds are Forever," as the hotel owner nobody'd ever seen.

Micah said...

True, but the film was overlong as it was. For some reason, going in I thought that it'd whitewash Hughes' OCD, but the film did deal with it. To see Leo going completely nuts with tissue boxes on his feet would've been a fun sight, though.

The Simpsons did a great parody of latter period Hughes when Mr. Burns opens his own casino (episode "$pringfield" from the 5th season). That's where the pic I posted is from.

spydrz said...

Well, I'm pretty sure the part with the steak and twelve peas was part of his Vega$ life. Oh, and the glass of milk. As far as the rest of the OCD is concerned, it seems well-documented.

Malinda said...

I still can't look at Leonardo DiCRAPrio without throwing up a little in my mouth, so I think I'll have to skip this one.

Jillyvanilli said...

Funnily enough I have been debating whether to see The Interpretor or not, now I definately will.

Micah said...

minda - I know how you feel. But he's surprised me with his last couple of films. I could tolerate him in Gangs of New York and Catch Me If You Can. He still looks like a girl, though.

jilly - It was a decent flick. I'm glad I saw it, but I wouldn't buy it. For better or worse, that seems to be how I judge films nowadays.