Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What I did on Spring Break...

My Outer Banks vacation in 35 words or less: March Madness, foosball, Jack Kerouac, Easter eggs, go-carts, clouds, scallops, PS2 baseball, beach baseball, putting contest, salsa music, sun, basketball, vodka tonics, no fishing, rain, magazines, coffee, beard -> mutton chops -> goatee -> mustache, golf, cigars.

Sadie enjoying the view

The house

Hatteras lighthouse

The boys before the Easter egg hunt

Choppy waters

My brother enjoy a lil' hot tub time

Sarah Jane enjoys a day at the go-cart races

A rousing game of "Pile Things on the Tired Dog"

The official CD of the week:


Kate The Great said...

You make me so jelous.

Glad you had a great time ;)

spydrz said...

Poor tired Sadie...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos; I'm so jealous!

Micah said...

KtG - I had an EXCELLENT time. It's a cliche, but the week really flew.

spydrz - [Dr. Evil]I guess you could say that she was...dog...tired. Mu-ha ha![/Dr. Evil]

Jeni - Thanks! I'm glad that I brought my laptop because I filled my camera's memory stick a few days into the trip. Thanks for stopping by!

spydrz said...

I'd add this quote from Dr. Evil: Zip it!

Panthergirl said...

Great pics, Micah!! The house looks wonderful, and I love that first picture of Sadie. Just gorgeous. Did I mention I missed you?

And did I suck at the March Madness challenge or what?

M. said...

Those pictures are great! That house was beautiful...Wish I could take a vacation... ;)


Micah said...

panthergirl - Awwwww, thanks. The house was actually 3 stories tall (the dune in the pic is obscuring one of them). It provided lots of tiny workouts climbing stairs throughout the day. And, with all due respect to your hounds, Sadie is the greatest dog in the world. I soooo wanted to steal her away from my sister. I made sure I brought her (Sadie, not my sister) favorite treat - empty peanut butter jars.

One of the fun things throughout the week was Fun With Micah's Facial Hair. The best day was when I had Neil Young-ish mutton chops. Hilarious. I'm down to just regular sideburns now and no beard/goatee.

Mandy - Oh, it was a great time, even if it was a bit chilly for a couple of days (seems I only took pics on the overcast days). The owners of the house have put it on the market. A cool $1.3 million and it's yours (no joke).